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Our 6 principles

We are happy to insure you without worries. And we can achieve that through the 6 principles that are key to us.

  • Comprehensive guarantees

    Our insurance policies are the most comprehensive on the market. Take a quick look here for an overview of our guarantees.

  • Immediate coverage

    You are insured from the moment that you have paid the premium for your removal insurance.

  • Recognized by the
    Belgian Chamber of Movers is a partner of and recognized by the Belgian Chamber of Movers (BCM). BCM is a professional organization that strives for qualitative, correct and professional removals.

  • Independent settlement of claims for damages suffered

    Kegels & Van Antwerpen is a 100% independent insurance broker. That way you can be sure that your interests will be properly defended in the event of damage. You do not have to go to the relocation company yourself, but you can count on a broker to assist you.

  • Super fast payout

    To be able to compensate your damage quickly, we ask you to submit your insurance claim and documents digitally. (We also think a bit about the environment, don't we?). When your claim file is complete, payment will be made within 5 working days (Mon-Fri).

  • Don't pay too much

    With "Verzeker Je", you take out your insurance completely online. In this way the administration costs are kept to a minimum and you can count on the best premiums. In addition, we also have a partnership with Upptec, a digital damage platform that can automatically determine the value of your damage. This enables us to offer you reliable and fair valuations.

Our guarantees

Enjoy the most comprehensive guarantees

Guarantee Objects packed by removal company Objects, packed with material of the removal company Objects packed with your own packaging material
Insurance recognized by the Belgian Chamber of Movers
Coverage from premium payment, whether or the removal company has already been paid or not.
No limitations of compensation per m3 or per kg
Coverage of removal by mover as well as usual subcontractors
Water damage, rain damage
Fire damage
Theft of an entire container
Dents, scratches, scratches, breakage
Fall of ladder lift or moving van
Fall out of a third-party vehicle
Damage due to packing or unpacking
Accident moving van
All-risk insurance (broadest guarantees)
Theft with burglary or violence
Disappearance, missing object
Damage to unpacked items
Pre-existing damage or wear
Damage due to assembly or disassembly of furniture
Damage due to assembly or disassembly of electrical appliances etc.
Maximum coverage per move € 250.000 € 250.000 € 250.000
Maximum coverage per item € 50.000 € 50.000 € 50.000
Exemption per private move Optionally: € 125, € 250 or € 500 € 500 Optionally: € 125, € 250 or € 500
Exemption for office relocation or furniture storage Optionally: € 250 or € 500 Optionally: € 250 or € 500 Optionally: € 250 or € 500

Frequently asked questions

In the event of damage, you will be reimbursed on the basis of the current value of the damaged or lost item, after deduction of the exemption and handling costs of 5% of the compensation (min. 25 euros / max 100 euros).

You can cancel or change your insurance free of charge up to 24 hours before the insurance commencement date. If you wish to change your insurance, you must cancel it and then book it again.

When you have damage, register and report your damage on the insurance that you took out for this. You can also always send an email to [email protected] with a description (and photo) of the damage. More information can be found when declaring damage.

You must specify the value of all items that you move. And by that we mean all objects: all furniture, electrical appliances, TV, Hi-Fi, Electronics, computers etc. It is important that you state the total value of your household effects, if not you risk underinsurance and a lower reimbursement. Do you have no idea how to calculate this? Then use our household effects calculator.

Objects within the categories "jewelery, precious metals, fur, wine collections", "art objects, antiquities", "money, securities, checks, coupons, documents of all kinds", "live animals, plants, fresh fruit and vegetables", "vintage cars "and all other objects with a value higher than 50,000 euros are not insured as standard. You can request insurance for this by contacting us. We are working to also be able to take out insurance for these matters in a simple way in the future.

For this you need 2 separate insurance policies: one with yourself as the policyholder and the other with your company as the policyholder. This way you get 2 separate discharges.

This includes mirrors, plates, glasses, dinnerware, bottles, vases, lamps, porcelain, glass or terracotta objects. TV sets, computers, tablets, mobile phones, kitchen appliances are not fragile items.

This is packing material that you receive, buy or rent from a removal company approved by the Belgian Chamber of Movers

The normal assembly / dismantling of furniture by the removal company is assured. The connection and installation of other goods such as electrical appliances, electronics, home automation, light fittings is not covered.

Furniture storage where there is free individual access to the rented storage space is not insured as standard. You can request this insurance via the contact form.

The Baloîse Insurance insurer will not exercise any recourse against the removal company itself, except in the case of intent or gross negligence.

Do you have another question about insurance? Do not hesitate to ask them. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

City limits means that the move insurance is valid up to 25 km around the airport or harbour where the goods will be delivered. If you want a cover beyond the 25 km. perimeter, please contact us.